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Preschool Program

At North Rocks Preschool and Long Day Care Centre Day Care, our Preschool Program focuses on nurturing strong academic and wellbeing foundations through a balance of play-based and structured learning experiences.

Children have access to interactive learning stations, ample open-ended resources, extensive opportunities to develop independence skills, and a spacious outdoor play area.

Structured group learning experiences also occur throughout the day to provide children with opportunities to practice core school readiness skills.

The goal of the Preschool Program is to provide children with opportunities to build their learning confidence and competence in all areas progressively.

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North Rocks Preschool Program

School Readiness Skills

  • Social Skills: Demonstrates social skills, manners, and the ability to take turns and get along with others. 
  • Emotional Regulation: Ability to regulate their emotions, focus on tasks, follow directions, and understand the rules. 
  • Communication: Is capable of talking and listening to adults and other children, communicates their needs, and is beginning to identify letters and sounds. 
  • Cognitive Skills: Demonstrates higher-order thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Independence: Shows self-help and independence skills such as going to the toilet, dressing, unwrapping their lunch and managing their belongings.
  • Physical Wellbeing: Demonstrates fundamental movement skills, fine motor skills, and physical coordination.  

Preschool Daily Routine

The daily routine in our preschool environment caters to the individual needs and interests of the children. It provides children with a sense of security as they know what to expect throughout the day.

Children enjoy individual and group learning experiences, indoor and outdoor play, social mealtimes, and spontaneous and intentional teaching times.

Regular toileting and hand washing occur throughout the day as well as rest and relaxation times. We offer additional school readiness activities for preschoolers who no longer rest during the day.

Families receive daily updates about their child’s learning, eating, and rest patterns via our family communication app.

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